Tips of organizing your cleaning plan within the timeframe

One month before the lease ends:

On the expiry of the lease contract, the rental should take care of all the aspects mentioned in the agreement. Most lease agreements include a clause stating that you must get the carpets cleaned through professional cleaning services. If anything like this is a part of your lease contract, now is the time to schedule an appointment with professional cleaners for the day before you return the keys to your landlord. You must have a copy of the receipt as a record even though the cleaning services should speak for themselves.
As a tenant, it is your responsibility to leave the house/apartment pest-free. End-of-tenancy cleaning includes all such responsibilities.
If you are provided with a lawn too, you must get a gardener to make it look fresh and green. It should be mowed as well.
Cancel your utilities in time.

Seven days before your lease ends:

1. Clean outside your rental area

  • Swipe and clean your garage. Remove any remaining cobwebs and use insecticide to spray the outdoor area. Or simply hire the best cleaning company for this job.

  • Eliminate all weeds, trim back your bushes, mow the lawns, and apply weed killer to the area.

  • Keep an eye out for cigarette butts and bottle tops left about the garden and remove them before you leave if you have any leftover trash.

  • Scrub your driveway area, pay careful insight to any spills or tire marks left by your vehicle.

2. Clean inside your rental house

  • Light fittings should be removed and washed, then dried and replaced. Check to see if your light globes are in good operating order. Any globes that have blown out should be replaced.

  • Take a look at your curtains and blinds. Clean them or get the services of cheap end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Some curtains are washed by machine others need vacuuming.

  • Clean your air conditioner, ceiling fans, and internal filters. The same can be done with your smoke detectors, exhaust fans in the kitchen, and bathrooms. It’s advisable to look for a cleaning company for this purpose.

  • Do your ceilings have any examine spots? In a pail of warm water, use a sponge and sugar soap or a mild detergent. However, your paint shouldn’t come off. If it seems so hard you can search for any commercial cleaning company in Melbourne that has services of cheap end of lease cleaning in Melbourne too.

Three days before your lease ends:

1. Clean your windows

Cleaning the windows is very essential and a task that needs special care and attention. The best way to get the windows cleaned for such a critical reason is by hiring the services of professional window cleaning in Melbourne. To begin with, you should:

Clear all the cobwebs outside the house with a cobweb remover or a broom to have your windows get started with the cleaning process. Clear all the cobwebs outside the house with a cobweb remover or a broom to have your windows in tip-top shape.

Window cleaners know what detergents and squeegees to use to prevent any scratches. If you are on your own, clear the debris and build-up from your window tracks by carefully running a screwdriver down the tracks to dislodge any dirt. Next, vacuum the area and then wipe it down with a moist towel.

With a screwdriver, lift and slide the fly screen before uninstalling it. Don’t put pressure on the screens as they can easily bend. Then, hose down the fly screen.

2. Squeegee the window

Window cleaning services cover all the steps that you can avail in end of lease cleaning too. Your windows need to be cleaned with a scourer sponge to remove all grime and build-up. To reduce streaks, you need to use a dry towel to wipe the top border of the window. Slide the squeegee down the window with forceful pressure.

Dry your squeegee blade after each stroke. Make sure each stroke overlaps the previous one as it avoids lines.

Lastly, use a clean towel to dry the edges and get rid of any remaining leftover markings on the window glass. Complete the procedure by wiping the window ledge and the frame.

The internal windows are cleaned in the same way; the only difference is to use less water on the sponge and place a towel under the glass to be free of any internal water damage. Some procedures are really tricky. Additionally, if any kind of damage occurs, a person who’s not a professional might get panic. To avoid such situations, it is better to avail the services of professional window cleaning in Melbourne.

Two days before the lease ends:

1. Clean the toilets

Cleaning services in Melbourne cover detailed toilet cleaning in which they disinfect and clean the toilets, include the fittings, the cistern, the area behind the toilets, and the pipes. You can try it for yourself, but that might not be good enough to get the bond back. Using a spray disinfectant, a paper towel, and some disposable gloves might work.

For the tiles, again a spray disinfectant and cleaning cloth will come in handy. It will be effective to clean the dirty walls too. Finally, use toilet bowl cleaning and a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the bowl.

2. Clean the bedrooms and living area

It is important to know not every commercial cleaning company in Melbourne provides residential cleaning. There are some cleaning companies that serve both residential and commercial cleaning. If you want to hire a cleaning company, make a wise decision. And if you want to complete the task yourself, then few steps are left. Here these are:

Before drying, vacuum your closets and cupboards and wash them with warm, soapy water. Any personal hooks, posters, or sticky tape, as well as any residue, should be removed. In a bucket, wash them down with sugar soap or a mild detergent. Keep a tight eye on your light switches.

3. Kitchen Cleaning

Whether it’s commercial cleaning or residential, oven cleaning is the most major necessity. If you are not hiring a cleaning team for other needs, it’s advisable to at least, get the services of the best oven cleaners in Melbourne to get saved from any hazardous. 

Begin with removing all parts, after; soak them in hot water overnight.

Scrub them until they are cleaned and clean the oven glass under the instructions of the best oven cleaners in Melbourne. This is how you will almost be done with the cleaning session beforehand and your apartment will be all presentable.