7 dirtiest places in homes that need cleaning and how

After reading the title, if the first dirty place that came to your mind is a toilet, it has become more important for you to read this article. Because it does not have a place in the top dirtiest places. This might help you to recognize if you are utilizing your time rightly when performing cleaning sessions. If you are among the people who are habitual of getting the services of the best cleaning company in Melbourne, you need not worry. The professional cleaners are well-aware of their job; what place needs more attention and in what ways. After getting to know the actual places that are the dirtiest and need more attention, you might have to figure out new cleaning techniques and reconsider your priorities. The places might change with the type of use. If it’s an office, it might not change a lot, but with some other area as in a factory or more crowded places, the frequency of dirt might be found in other areas more. Continue reading to get a clear idea and make a different planner for your cleaner environment and better cleaning services.


1. Kitchen Sponges

Kitchen sponges tend to have the highest level of germs. And why not? Their purpose is to clean all the oil, grease, leftovers. It completely makes sense. Occasionally, people do not clean the sponges that often and that thoroughly. According to research by the National Science Foundation (NSF), coliform bacteria, a sign of fecal contamination, is found in 75% of kitchen sponges. Oven cleaners might do the job of sponge cleaning when you hire oven cleaning services in Melbourne. If you choose to clean the sponges yourself, dampen them first. Next, put them in the microwave for two minutes. You need to change your sponges after every two weeks and clean them daily. If you book professional cleaning services often, you can take an idea of how they clean the sponges and follow the steps while cleaning them regularly. Replace sponges with washcloths that can be thrown in the washing machine and scrub brushes that can be put in the dishwasher.

2. Kitchen Sink

If you notice when the best cleaners arrive to clean your homes, they clean all the sinks thoroughly with more effort, especially the kitchen sinks. The kitchen sinks and sponges are the grimiest not only in your homes, but your office’s sinks and sponges have equal intensity of germs in them. When you book services of office cleaning in Melbourne, it is preferable to guide them separately to take a close look at the sinks and sponges. The reason is that kitchen sinks are usually overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but that does not change the fact that they are one of the grimiest areas. Researches from National Science Foundation have discovered coliform bacteria in over half of the sinks they examined, as well as yeast or mold in 27% of the cases.

If due for any reason, it is not possible to book the services of the best cleaning company in Melbourne, you need to know how to clean your sinks on your own. Apart from that, cleaning it regularly is important so for that too, you need to know how to clean it. However, you might need office cleaners for your office cleaning or hire a servant for daily cleaning.

Firstly, you need to scrub your sink with an all-purpose cleaner or natural cleaners like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or lemon juice once a week so that these cleaners make it disinfected. To disinfect the drain, you need to take one teaspoon of white vinegar and dilute it in one quart of water.

3. Bath Towels  

 For bacteria and mildew to grow on a towel, it takes only two minutes provided if the towel is damp. You increase your chances of developing rashes, allergies, or infections whenever you come in contact with a contaminated towel. Either you can get the towels cleaned by professionals or follow some steps to keep them germ-free. But cleaning the towels is still an essential task just like getting carpet cleaning services even if you keep your carpets clean. The carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne may have the option of cleaning your towels and relevant items too; you need to look for it.

The way to take care of your bath towels is: hang the towel promptly after each usage to ensure a clean, fluffy towel the next time you use it. Any wall-mounted rack is preferable to back-of-the-door hooks. With hot water, bacteria die easily. Make sure to wash your towels in hot water after every three-four days.

4. Toothbrush Holder

Toothbrush holders are occasionally used to keep the bristles clean, but they develop moisture inside them that encourages bacteria growth. You are better off omitting the holder entirely. If you must use one, you need to wash it by hand once or twice a week or run it in the dishwasher. If you are planning to get a deep clean, every part of your house will be cleaned, but with office cleaning in Melbourne, you might not get such services in office cleaning services.

5. Carpets and Rugs

It might not be quite visible, but your carpets and rugs hold the largest amount of germs as the germs camouflaged in the fur, they are never detectable. The larger the carpet, the more the germs. Even the daily vacuuming at times doesn’t help much unless you call for the carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne. Only the best way to get rid of the germs and make your carpets look new is to book carpet cleaners. It surely is not a layman’s job to do the best carpet cleaning.

6. Pet Dishes and Toys

Pets are filthier than we would like to acknowledge. The NSA Foundation lists its dishes and toys among the top dirtiest items in a house.

It’s crucial to disinfect your pet’s dishes regularly. Put them in a dishwasher or scrub them with hot water with soap. You need to clean your pet’s toys after every month.

7. Ovens and Stoves

Ovens and stoves come on the list too. Even if it’s a commercial oven or a home oven, it is too important to serve your ovens with oven cleaning services in Melbourne.

If you think you can give your oven professional oven cleaning on your own, you need to ponder again. Your ovens collect the most germs due to leftovers, grease, and different food baking and cooking at the same time. Different fumes and smells mix up and increase the danger. The only way is to get oven cleaning services by professionals even if it’s for your commercial cleaning.