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We provide a variety of window cleaning services. Be it exterior window cleaning or interior, first floor or the fifth, routine window cleaning, or yearly, we’ve got you covered. Our services of window cleaning in Melbourne, Australia are known to be the most favorable.

Why Do Windows Need Professional Cleaning?

Windows are essential because they are responsible for ventilation, providing an outside view, and giving a complete look to your home. The problem comes when the windows become dirty, and for a fact, they can’t remain clean for long. The windows get cloudy and mucky easily. Besides if you have children, they are going to make their fingerprints and streaks on the windows. The majority of individuals lack the necessary materials, detergents, knowledge, and training to clean the windows suitably. Only professional window cleaners know the art of cleaning the windows and how to remove all types of filth and grime while preserving the glass’s original beauty by keeping it tidy. Any other cleaning than professional window cleaning might get it scratched and damages the glass; giving a continuous unattractive look.

How do we facilitate you?

Our trained team of window cleaners in Melbourne is hired to give your windows that perfect gleam. We have customer service that is available 24/7. Our company is reliable, experienced, and professional hence known as among one of the best companies of window cleaning services in Melbourne, Australia. We employ the most cutting-edge innovation and technology to get outstanding results. We use professional glass cleaning products without ammonia for inside windows. Squeegees, scratch-less window scrapers, and paper towels are also used to guarantee that your windows are completely clean. For exterior windows on the ground floor as well as for other floors, we use the traditional methods. For the safety of your property and your peace of mind, the cleaners make sure to cover the floor area and furnishings near the window.

What services are included in window cleaning?

Window cleaning includes residential window cleaning, balcony glass cleaning, mirror cleaning, and pool fence cleaning. Cleaning both sides of your windows and sliding doors is included with commercial window cleaning and home window cleaning, as well as cleaning upstairs and downstairs if you have multiple floors. Our window cleaners in Melbourne inspect fittings for corrosion and use long poles to reach over the side of your balcony and ensure that both sides are free of fingerprints, bird poo, and smudges. Our specialists use detergents to remove buildup on the glass, then polish to erase streaks and blemishes. They use non-abrasive cleansers to clean the poles, joints, and spider webs. Cleaning begins with the outside of the mirror with a moist cloth or duster to remove dirt and spider webs.

What Tools and Detergents Do We Use?

The interior windows are cleaned using ammonia-free professional glass cleaning chemicals. Scratchless windows scrapers, squeegees, and paper towels are also used to ensure no stain remains on your windows. During window cleaning, our cleaners cover the floor area and furnishings near the window so that it has no impact on the surroundings. To clean the exterior part of the window on the ground floor, as well as higher windows, traditional methods are used and a ladder may be needed. Our cleaning staff arrives with a water-fed extension pole if requested or for external windows. The method uses purified water and is widely utilized in the industry. After cleaning, windows are left to dry naturally. Window cleaning is also a part of deep cleaning and end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne.

How long do the windows remain clean for?

We provide the best cleaning services in Melbourne that will give a long-lasting shine and clarity to your windows. Windows, carpets, and ovens need to be cleaned by professionals. So we deliver professional window cleaning services, carpet cleaning, and oven cleaning services in Melbourne. The life span of the clean windows totally depends on their locality, type, your use, and of course, how they have been cleaned previously.  Windows normally take 2-3 months to be get cleaned again by a professional. We provide window cleaning services for offices, homes, commercial areas, etc. Briefly, the cleanliness of the windows varies from sector to sector.

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