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We know you already have a lot to do; our services of End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne, Australia sweep away your burden and provide the best tenancy cleaning because no one does it better.

How Are We Better?

We believe in being distinguished by making you most comfortable and stress-free by giving you the best services at the best prices.  We work not only on your house cleaning but on every aspect which can give you ease. We have made our website user-friendly and our booking details with adjustable time slots so that you do not face any difficulty. The team we provide you with is full of certified cleaners, we train them for the professional cleaning. We have services for all kinds of houses and apartments cleanliness. Our services come in your range; we charge just fine with the finest cleaning practices. We made us affordable for you. You can reach us at any time in your affordable budget. We have house cleaning services online for you.

End of lease cleaning
End of lease cleaning

What is the benefit of End-of-Lease Cleaning?

When you take something from someone, you try your best to return them in its best form; when that thing is someone’s property, you do End of Lease Cleaning. These are the basic ethics that help you in future too when you need to get an apartment on rent again, you will be considered a reliable option. So it becomes necessary and beneficial to provide end of lease cleaning to the apartments or the houses you live on rent. Furthermore, a lot of contracts between the landlord and renter while renting a house have the agreement of getting the house cleaned upon leaving. If the house is in standard condition, you will get your safety deposit back. Our End of Lease cleaning in Melbourne makes sure to get your deposit back to you.

What procedure do we follow?

We send you a text when our cleaners arrive at your doorstep. The cleaners unpack the cleaning supplies and detergents that are used in the cleaning process. Next, our cleaners prepare their cleaning kit and start cleaning from your kitchen. Before entering the property, they put on protective overshoes to ensure no dirt is tracked in or dragged to the places and that the operation is completely sanitary. A thorough cleaning of the kitchen is done with every area cleaned properly. This includes tiles, cupboards, kitchen store, sink, stove, oven, etc. The cleaners proceed toward the bathrooms and sanitize them completely from the bath to the toilet. Then the bedrooms are worked on, followed by living room, dining, and lastly, all the doors, windows, knobs, switch and every left part is cleaned.

End of lease cleaning
End of lease cleaning

What services does End-of-lease cleaning provide?

End-of-lease cleaning can be called another name for deep cleaning except for the fact; you get end-of-lease cleaning while leaving the apartment or the house. In end-of-lease cleaning, there is no specific time allotted for the task. The cleaners leave as soon as they are done with their job wholly otherwise, they stay till they do not complete. The cleaning comprises every portion of your house or apartment with a full guarantee. It covers all cupboards and drawers both inside and outside, and top, and bottom. The wall tiles and splash back tiles are also cleaned and polished. Rang hoods and stoves are wiped and cleaned. Exhaust fans and extractors are cleaned. Also, we provide cleaning to your mattresses, carpets, gutters, and electrical appliances. We have deep cleaning services in Melbourne too.

When To Book and How Long Does the Cleaning Take?

End of lease cleaning is very comprehensive; thus it takes longer than usual. We make sure to cover every item that your landlord might inspect. We usually deploy a team that works as professional deep cleaners too, and it takes 4 to 8 hours, depending on the size of your property. It’s favorable to take the end of lease cleaning services when you are near the end of your lease contract and your rental agent will be doing an inspection, we strongly recommend scheduling it or when you’re moving into a new home. Our services of oven cleaning in Melbourne come along with lease cleaning.

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